History timeline

History timeline wall The headteacher gave us a brief to make a history timeline from their Junior school's curriculum history subjects. We designed the whole wall from scratch and source all images and information (we just need a brief stating the points in history and their dates, we do the rest!). https://www.hdwrapsuk.co.uk/wall-wrap-enquiry/

The Solar System

The Solar System This wall is one of many in a recently installed junior school. This beautiful Solar System wall wrap was designed from scratch by our designers with each asset being able to be moved and information about each planet sourced and shown for the children to soak up and enjoy! We can make this design stretch across massive areas by manipulating our original artwork source files should any other school like something similar. https://www.hdwrapsuk.co.uk/wall-wrap-enquiry/

Famous author corridor

Famous author corridor This is the first glimpse of one of the primary school main corridors. The headteacher gave us a brief to make a corridor 'magical' and to take students to another world within famous books and authors. As we knew the children could relate to the more modern reboots of classics like Jungle Book and Peter Rabbit, we decided to create designs with the original drawings/characters alongside the new versions. We are SO pleased with how this came out. Video coming very soon too... https://www.hdwrapsuk.co.uk/wall-wrap-enquiry/

School wall wraps in The Educator Magazine

See our advert and full page editorial in The Educator Magazine: http://www.the-educator.org/business-directory/7225/hd-wraps-uk/ We highlight why school wall wraps are important in the modern competitive schooling world... SAVE MONEY Wrapping your school with anti-scuff wall wraps will reduce the need for expensive painting and maintenance. These savings over 10+ years will more than pay for your wall wraps. STAND OUT! Make sure pupils and parents coming for open days are impressed by what they see. Headteachers have told us this is important to stay ahead of their local competition. NO SIZE LIMIT The size of your walls, corridors, classrooms or halls are simply no problem. Our wall wraps can be any shape or size, plus we have our own ‘working at height’ equipment. EDUCATE & ENGAGE We can design wall wraps to your curriculum if required, and wrap [...]

Glass vinyl – Privacy wraps for glass

Glass vinyl - Privacy wraps for glass If you have windows or doors that could do with some privacy, but don't want to lose all your natural light then we have a solution - glass vinyl. It's a type of adhesive vinyl that has tiny holes in it allowing one side to be printed on and the other to stick to the glass. This means people can't see through it easily, and loads of natural light still gets through. Perfect for classrooms. https://www.hdwrapsuk.co.uk/wall-wrap-enquiry/

Primary school main corridor history timeline

Primary school main corridor history timeline We are working with a Trust fitting wall wraps, window vinyls and external signage to some of their schools. This is the first glimpse of one of the primary school main corridors. The headteacher gave us a brief of a set list of historical events - that was it! So we designed something eye catching, and educational at the same time. We also wanted the wall wrap to be readable, so set the dates out as clearly as possible using background colour changes (but still in keeping with the overall design). A real talking point and a massive transformation taking place in time for the new term. https://www.hdwrapsuk.co.uk/wall-wrap-enquiry/

School history department wall wrap

School history department wall wrap This school wanted a wall graphic portraying key historical moments in the cold war. This wrap is 10 metres long and has anti-scuff lamination as it's a high traffic area. This wrap is educational, visual'y stimulating and has transformed a drab magnolia corridor.

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