Wall Wraps for Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Welcome to HD Wraps, where we specialise in creating customised, educational, and therapeutic wall art tailored specifically for Special Educational Needs (SEN) environments. With over 25 years of experience in design, marketing, and print, our team is dedicated to transforming educational spaces into engaging, supportive, and inclusive environments that cater to the diverse needs of all students.

Benefits of Wall Wraps in SEN Environments

  • Therapeutic Benefits: Our wall wraps can create calming and soothing environments that help reduce anxiety and stress for students with special educational needs.
  • Stimulation and Engagement: Vibrant and interactive designs can stimulate sensory engagement and enhance learning experiences for students with varying needs.
  • Inclusivity: Customised designs promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity, ensuring that all students feel represented and supported in their learning environment.
  • Durability: Our wall wraps are designed to withstand high-traffic areas and frequent interactions, with a three-year guarantee to ensure they remain vibrant and intact.
  • Easy Maintenance: Wall wraps are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for environments where hygiene is a top priority.

Quality and Options for SEN Wall Wraps

  • Fire Rated: All our materials meet stringent fire safety standards, ensuring a safe learning environment.
  • High-Quality Materials: We use premium materials that ensure durability, clarity, and colour vibrancy.
  • Scuff Resistant: Ideal for high-traffic areas, our wraps resist scuffs and scratches, maintaining their appearance over time.
  • Matte and Gloss Finishes: Choose from matte or gloss finishes to best suit the aesthetic and functional needs of your space.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Our antibacterial wraps are perfect for maintaining hygiene in classrooms and therapy rooms.

Bespoke Design and Application

We provide custom-designed wall wraps to meet the unique needs of SEN environments. Our team works closely with educators and therapists to create designs that support the specific needs of your students, enhancing both learning and therapeutic experiences. Our wall wraps can be applied in various areas, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Sensory Rooms
  • Corridors
  • Common Areas
  • Outdoor Spaces

Themes for SEN Wall Art and Wraps

Our designs are tailored to support and engage students with special educational needs. Popular themes include:

  • Calming Nature Scenes
  • Sensory Stimulation Designs
  • Interactive Learning Tools
  • Inspirational and Motivational Quotes
  • Diversity and Inclusion Themes
  • Custom Themes for Specific Learning and Therapy Goals

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from educators and therapists who have transformed their SEN environments with HD Wraps.

We have used HD Wraps multiple times now and we keep going back for more! They are a superb company and their products have transformed our school environment. Everybody, from sales/admin to design and installation, works with the customer’s interest at their heart. HD Wraps have a clear desire to produce a product that customers are proud of.

All of our wraps have excelled our expectations in their design and the quality of installation is nothing short of exemplary. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.

Jamie Barry | Head Teacher, Yew Tree Primary School

We have been working with HD Wraps for a number of years now on various projects throughout our all through school.  From the design stage to implementation, they have been a pleasure to work with.  Tolerant with our every changing design briefs and the tight deadlines we throw at them, they have never failed to deliver.

The wraps have made the school look vibrant and engaging and the pupils and staff have absolutely loved the end results.

If we had the budget we’d wrap the whole school!  We can’t wait to move onto the next phase.

Karie Wright | Admissions and Marketing Manager, Chichester Free School

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Phone: Call us at 01949 843 794 to speak directly with one of our friendly representatives. We are available to answer any questions, discuss your specific needs, and schedule an initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall wraps provide therapeutic benefits, enhance sensory engagement, promote inclusivity, and are durable and easy to maintain. They create supportive and engaging learning environments tailored to the diverse needs of students with special educational needs.

Our wall wraps are designed to withstand high-traffic areas commonly found in SEN facilities. They are scuff-resistant and come with a three-year guarantee, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact even with daily use.

Yes, safety is a top priority. All our wall wraps are made from fire-rated, non-toxic materials that comply with stringent safety standards, making them safe for all SEN environments.

Absolutely! We offer bespoke design services to match any theme or therapeutic goal. Whether it’s calming nature scenes for sensory rooms or interactive learning tools for classrooms, we can tailor designs to fit your SEN facility’s unique requirements.

We offer both matte and gloss finishes. Matte finishes reduce glare and are ideal for brightly lit areas, while gloss finishes provide deeper colour saturation and are easier to clean.

The installation time varies depending on the project size and complexity. Typically, it takes a few days. We schedule installations to minimise disruption, often during weekends or breaks.

Our design team works closely with your facility to understand your goals, needs, and the specific requirements of your students. We create tailored design proposals that reflect and support your educational and therapeutic objectives, ensuring the wraps align perfectly with your vision.

Yes, we offer outdoor wall wraps designed to withstand various weather conditions. These wraps are perfect for exterior walls and outdoor play areas, creating engaging and supportive environments both inside and out.

Wall wraps are easy to maintain. They can be wiped clean with mild soap and water. For areas that require higher hygiene standards, we offer antibacterial finishes that help maintain a clean environment.

We ask that you clear the installation area of any furniture and decorations. Our team will handle all aspects of the installation, including preparing the wall surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion and a flawless finish.