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HD Wraps – Specialists in School wall art, educational wall graphics, custom school murals and bespoke wall art for schools.

School wall art (school wall wraps) transform your stairwells, corridors, canteens, receptions and class rooms. We only use the best vinyl which is then over laminated as standard for anti-scuff protection and to prevent fade from sunlight. Our wraps literally save schools huge amounts of money on annual painting and maintenance.

We work directly with headteachers (and their teams) on ideas transforming dull lifeless areas into engaging, educational and fun places to be using our bespoke school wall wraps.

All artwork is our own, professionally created by experienced children’s publication graphic designers. Our school wall art can be seen in many colleges, primary and high schools, private schools, Trust academies, hospitals and care homes.

Schools can save (a lot) of money

What is school wall art?

School wall art – also known as school wall wraps (our preferred term), photo wallpaper and bespoke wallpaper – are in essence a sticky vinyl covering that is designed to your brief and fitted to a wall/corridor/room.

Car wrapping became a big thing many years ago and wall wrapping is a similar concept. The vinyl is malleable (by plastic hand tools or a heat gun), so it can be manipulated easily over rough areas, awkward angles and can be cut to the exact shape required.

Who are HD Wraps UK?

We are a Midlands based family owned and run company that designs, manufactures and installs these wall wraps – with a clear interest and expertise in the educational and health sectors.

We have installed in many colleges, primary and high schools, private schools, Trust academies, hospitals and care homes – plus offices, museums and car showrooms!

Schools can save (a lot) of money
Schools can save (a lot) of money

Why use us for your school wall art investment?

We ONLY use industry-leading vinyl and over-laminate all their wraps with a matt or gloss plastic covering. This forms a scuff resistant ‘shield’ to help protect from bag and shoe marks that are inevitable in high traffic areas within schools.

Wall art can be designed to an exact brief from the headteacher, or can be handed over to our designers to see what they can come up with! Either way, the headteacher gets as many changes as they like.

Schools can save (a lot) of money

School wall art for is considered an investment, providing a cost-saving in painting and overall maintenance of walls. Over the course of 10+ years, just think how many times corridors would need to be painted or touched up to cover those pesky bag scuffs – these costs for larger schools can rocket into the thousands per year.

We say that generally wall wraps are good for at least 10 years, which is also partly down to the over-laminate having built-in UV inhibitors, preventing fading from sunlight.

Schools can save (a lot) of money
Schools can save (a lot) of money

What if the school wall art gets damaged?

That’s not an issue either, as small parts of the wall wrap can be carefully cut out and replaced with a newly printed section – making the repair virtually invisible to the eye. Even if a large are was damaged badly then we can replace whole panels.

If areas are very small then we don’t normally charge either… making the wall wart a valuable asset to keeping your school looking well cared for.

What about installation?

All school wall art ordered with HD Wraps UK are inclusive of professional fitting. No matter how large or awkward the area – our team can fit.

Sometimes we need to ’make good’ very rough crumbling walls with a material called Foamex, this is mounted onto thin battens and the Foamex is then secured to it – giving a nice flat surface for the wall wraps to then be mounted on to.

Schools can save (a lot) of money
Schools can save (a lot) of money

Can school wall art encourage learning?

According to studies of students’ physical environments, we would think a resounding yes to this question! Students get to read and see information every day on their way to classrooms, stimulating imaginations with vivid imagery and facts that can be tailored to the school’s curriculum.

Way-finding can also be placed inside the designs and serve to distinguish areas of the school with different subjects.

Make your school stand out from the competition

We have seen a dramatic increase in headteachers talking about ‘competition’ and wanting their school to stand out when potential students visit. For a WOW first impression, wall wraps from HD Wrap UK will deliver just that.

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Schools can save (a lot) of money
Schools can save (a lot) of money

We also design and install glass wall art

If you have windows or doors that could do with some privacy, but don’t want to lose all your natural light then we have a solution – glass vinyl. It’s a type of adhesive vinyl that has tiny holes in it allowing one side to be printed on and the other to stick to the glass. This means people can’t see through it easily, and loads of natural light still gets through.

Perfect for classrooms. The process for glass wall art in your school is identical to the above – you give us a brief, or we come up with ideas for you to peruse.